• 22 September 2008
  • Posted By Patrick Disney
  • Election 2008, Presidential 2008 Elections, US-Iran War

Obama and McCain on Iran: 60 Minutes


“We have not applied the kind of tough diplomacy over the last eight years that I think could have made a difference.”

“I don’t think it’s acceptable for Iran to have a nuclear weapon.  And I haven’t taken any options, including military, off the table.”


“Suppose that the Iranians had nuclear weapons, and you had a whole lot of other information about Iranian intentions, and you could make the case to the American people and to the world, I think it’s obvious that we would have to prevent what we are absolutely certain is a direct threat to the lives of the American people.”

Posted By Patrick Disney

    One Response to “Obama and McCain on Iran: 60 Minutes”

  1. artaxerxes says:

    i think its absolutely ridiculous that mccain believes irans “intensions” directly threaten the lives of the American people. 1. ahmadi-nejad is not in charge of the military. 2. the islamic government, for all its sins, has never aggressed. and even if they did, they would not attack the US, they know thats suicide for their rule.

    war mongering, anyone?

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