• 28 December 2009
  • Posted By Patrick Disney
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Trita Parsi on CNN: Why the US should care

Trita went on CNN yesterday to discuss why Americans should care about the roiling demonstrations in Iran. He was also asked about the IRGC’s role in an increasingly militarized Iran, and what that might mean for the days and weeks to come.

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Posted By Patrick Disney

    3 Responses to “Trita Parsi on CNN: Why the US should care”

  1. Pirouz says:

    What is with the distracting split-screen?

    Drew Griffin doesn’t even know that it’s the IRIPF that’s providing the anti-riot response, not the IRGC. In fact, given the level of violence and destruction exhibited by the protesters, it’s really surprising the military (IRGC) wasn’t activated to take effective control, and that martial law or even partial martial law wasn’t declared. In instances of similar rioting conditions in the West (including the US), both a military response and martial law would have been declared, with the military and police equipped with firearms and given specific instructions on the use of lethal force.

    Trita: you have widespread evidence of police forces going over to the protest movement? Where? All I’ve seen are incidental photos and videos of IRIPF being overwhelmed and beaten by protesters, with some of their vehicles destroyed. Respectfully, young man, is this what you call going over to the other side?

  2. Iranian-American says:

    Trita never claimed to have widespread evidence of police forces going over to the protest movement– at least not in this clip. Did he claim to have such evidence elsewhere?

    In this clip, he simply points out that he has observed in some of the recent videos from Iran, that the police forces were becoming overwhelmed by the protestors and, in some cases, joined the protestors. The main picture that comes to my mind, is one of an anti-riot police with a green ribbon around his head and protestors surrounding him and cheering.

    I agree with you that we have yet to see widespread evidence of police forces joining the protest movement. I suspect we will see that later, but that is only my intuition from observing the growing opposition movement and the direction of the escalating confrontation.

  3. Survivor's Guilt says:

    This is a geriatric regime losing its hold on the people.

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