NIAC 2010 Conference Video: Iran at a Crossroads

In case you missed our livestream video, here is the full conference video, available for viewing.  We apologize for the beginning part being cut off, we experienced some technical difficulties at the start (but it gets better!)

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Posted By Patrick Disney

    6 Responses to “NIAC 2010 Conference Video: Iran at a Crossroads”

  1. Pirouz says:

    Gosh, I had no idea my congresswoman (Eshoo) is so anti-Iran. She sure as heck won’t get my vote in the next election. Nor my family, nor my friend’s.

  2. NorCal IA says:

    Pirouz, it’s a shame you take such a foolish stance. Congresswoman Eshoo has long been a strong ally of our community’s and has supported us through thick and thin. When other Members of Congress have turned their back on our community and the people of Iran, representatives like Anna Eshoo and Mike Honda and have come through, speaking up about the blatant violations of human rights by the Iranian government and lending a voice to those who need it most. I hope you’ll remember that next time you jump to such negative conclusions.

  3. Eric says:

    Pirouz believes only in the dictator. Dictator says jump, he asks how high? Human rights are of no concern to the dictator, so they are of no concern to Pirouz. Blame America, blame Israel, blame anyone but the dictator.

    Fortunately the dictator and his little henchman’s days are numbered, as the youth/students are getting older and will soon become the majority constituency in Iran.

  4. Pirouz says:

    NorCal: I was appalled at her characterizations of Iran, particularly with regards to the nuclear program. I do not consider that “supporting” the Iranian people. Remember, the Iranian people (inside Iran) overwhelmingly support the nuclear program.

    She is clearly anti-Iran.

    This is not a knee-jerk reaction. How would it be for another nation’s lawmaker to characterize our US system of government (“regime”, if you will) entirely on issues related to human rights violations at Guantanimo, Bagram, the CIA black sites, civilian deaths by drone attacks, tens of thousands of Iraqis incarcerated without due process, millions of Iraqis turned into refugees by an illegal war, support for the inhumane siege of Gaza, etc., etc., etc.? As an American, I would take offense to that. What makes it okay for Eshoo to do that?

    Like I said, I’m not voting for her, nor my relatives, nor anyone else in my social circle. The NIAC forum today was a big eye opener, with regards to our US Rep in Congress.

  5. Survivor's Guilt says:

    Gosh I had no idea that Pirouz was so pro-dictatorship…oopps i mean pro-Ahamaginejad..oops..oh neveremind

  6. Iranian-American says:

    She is clearly not “clearly anti-Iran” if everyone here seems to disagree with that claim. I wouldn’t be so sure that, as you claim, your relatives or anyone in your social circle would agree with you on this one.

    Did you pay attention to the chat going on while the conference was taking place? It seems quite clear that there are very few Iranian-Americans that are as pro-government as you are or as you would like.

    Furthermore, I am am quite certain there are not as many pro-government Iranians as you claim (or would like to believe) in Iran. But, I will admit that is more difficult to prove given that in Iran one can face arrest and even execution for disagreeing with the government. Nonetheless, in America, where we have freedom of speech, it is quite clear that you are part of a very small minority.

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