• 15 June 2010
  • Posted By Shawn Vl
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Whitewashing Neda’s Death

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This state-produced propaganda video was broadcast on the anniversary of the June 12th election, alleging that Neda Agha Soltan was not murdered by a Basij militiamember but rather by members of the Iranian government’s favorite scapegoat: the MEK.

In an interview with the suspect who is widely believed to have been behind Neda’s shooting, the video attempts to portray the Basiji as an innocent victim wrongly convicted in the court of public opinion. But when the filmmakers approached Neda’s sister to get her support for their version of events, she would have nothing of it.

What amazes me about this propaganda piece is not the fact that the regime is trying to cover up Neda’s death, but how they are trying to use Neda’s death as cover for the hundreds of other people that were also killed or went missing during the post-election uproar. Somehow, the government is under the impression that if they rid themselves of Neda’s death, then all their other crimes against the public will also be wiped clean. But it won’t work.

Neda is indeed a symbol of the Green Movement, but her death also bears witness to the other victims of the government’s brutality. If the hardliners want to truly redeem themselves, they need to come clean about the hundreds of other killings they’re responsible for, and the thousands of other crimes they’ve committed — not just this one.

Posted By Shawn Vl

    9 Responses to “Whitewashing Neda’s Death”

  1. Pirouz says:

    So let me get this right- if Iran TV ignored the entire affair, you would be criticizing it for not doing its job. And now that it does provide a documentary perspective, it is somehow trying to focus on this one rather than the others.

    Seems to me PBS had a similar focus, with a lot less critically applied journalism.

    I’m still waiting for an email back from Dr. Hejazi to explain his inconsistencies.

    How about that new interview from Neda’s supposed fiance on FOX? Talk about brownwashing Neda’s death…

  2. SLC says:

    Pirouz, you spend too much time here. Get a life.

    These bloggers, like every other blogger in the world, is entitled to their opinion, whether it agrees with yours or not.

  3. Iranian-American says:

    SLC, I don’t think the problem is how much time Pirouz spends, or how much he posts. I think those are more a reflection of the need to convince himself, more than anyone else, that his fantasy world is not as absurd as it most definitely is. I think Pirouz’s problem was best expressed in one of DOS’s responses. The real problem is that Pirouz time and time again misses the point of some very well articulated articles (e.g. this very one).

    Does anyone actually believe that Neda was killed by anyone other than agents of the government? It is absolutely absurd, and the fact that everyone in their right mind recognizes its absurdity must drive people like Pirouz mad. And I would guess that his posts are a manifestation of that madness.

  4. Pirouz says:

    SLC, agree or disagree. But just because you disagree, that’s no reason for insult.

    Iranian-American, I’m not mad. I’d like to know more about the Neda incident. I’d like to see a more critical examination of the evidence here in the West, and a response from Dr. Hejazi.

    Gentlemen, it’s called employing the method of analysis.

  5. Pirouz says:

    Post relevant to this incident.

  6. Iranian-American says:

    “… a response from Dr. Hejazi. Gentlemen, it’s called employing the method of analysis.”


    The fact that you are actually expected a response from Dr. Hejazi only further proves just how delirious you are. Pirouz, get serious for just a minute. Ask yourself why Dr. Hejazi is not writing you back. Do you think it is:

    A) Your “method of analysis” has uncovered some fundamental inconsistencies that have Dr. Hejazi without a response. He was not expecting such a insightful and brilliant blogger to employ such a thorough method of analysis.

    B) He thinks you are a quack. I’m sure analysts, experts, doctors and historians get emails from quacks regarding 9-11 and how it was really carried out by the US military, or aliens, or how the Jews killed JFK. Do you truly believe that your letter is not being ignored for the same reason those letters are ignored?

    If you honestly believe A, you are fooling yourself friend. Whether you are or not a quack, I hope you are not so delusional that you fail to realize that Dr. Hejazi, almost certainly, thinks you are a quack. This is also the same conclusion many people who are familiar with your posts have come to.

  7. becky says:

    Does anyone know how to find this video with an English translation, subtitles or some sort of explanation? Thank you.

  8. Cyrus Safdari says:

    Mark Pirouz, there’s nothing more pathetic than freaky crypto-nationalist Iranians living in California defending the regime out of a misguided belief that they’re supporting the Iranian people, subtle anti-Semitism that adores the IRI’s useless anti-Israel posturing and secret fascist tendencies perhaps nurtured during unhappy childhoods and adolescences. Get a job, get laid, get off the Iran kick, you creepy loser.

  9. hass says:

    The person posting under the name “Cyrus Safdari” is doing so fraudulently and is misrepresenting his identity. Please ignore him. He is not the real Cyrus Safdari

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