• 22 March 2012
  • Posted By Lily Samimi
  • Let's Talk Iran

Do Sanctions Support Democratic Change?

Natasha BahramiSome argue that sanctions will lead to regime change and/or change the course of Iran’s nuclear ambitions. Others argue that it does nothing but hurt the Iranian people and weaken the indigenous pro-democracy movement. In the latest episode, we chat with Natasha Bahrami, a foreign policy researcher in D.C., about  the track record of broad economic sanctions and their impact on democratization across the world.  Natasha co-wrote a piece with Trita Parsi in the Boston Review entitled, “Blunt Instrument”, explaining through empirical evidence that sanctions in fact don’t bring about democratization.

Posted By Lily Samimi

    2 Responses to “Do Sanctions Support Democratic Change?”

  1. sia norouzi says:

    so please explain how we can get rid of stinky ruling mullahs in Iran?

  2. Soroush says:

    Sia Norouzi,

    You take the pressure OFF of society. Then those preconditions for regime change become possible. Those things make uprisings possible. ALL we can do is make conditions possible.

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