• 5 April 2012
  • Posted By Lily Samimi
  • Culture, Diplomacy, Israel, Let's Talk Iran, US-Iran War

Building Bridges Between Two Communities

What is often forgotten or ignored in the talks of war with Iran are the two communities who are at the center of many of the debates – the Iranian-American and Jewish-American community. In this episode, we talk with Rabbi Marc Gopin, Director of George Mason University’s Center on Religion, Diplomacy and Conflict Resolution, on how our two communities can learn from one another and dispel the fears on both sides. Rabbi Gopin focuses on the role of religion and culture in not sparking conflict, but as a critical component to reaching lasting resolutions between peoples and nations.

Posted By Lily Samimi

    One Response to “Building Bridges Between Two Communities”

  1. Lauren's says:

    Why all the excitement about Irans Nuclear capability…. It is the USA which continues to inflict its wars on the rest of the world.

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